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Spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel are extremely useful and very popular for hydrologic and water resources data analysis. Excel has many built-in functions and tools for analysis and presentation of data (e.g. charting tools, formula solvers, and optimization tools). Additionally Excel includes an embedded programming environment, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that can be used to extend the software with new and useful capabilities. Because of its broad target user-base, Excel lacks specific hydrologic data analysis tools such as the search and discovery tools available in HydroDesktop and other dedicated hydrology software applications. The Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences (CUAHSI) Hydrologic Information System (HIS) project included the development of an Excel module called, “HydroExcel”. This tool has proven to be popular among users of Excel needing to access HydroServer. This study presents the development of a new extended version of HydroDesktop Excel Add-in, called HydroDesktop Excel that was developed as a map-enabled search and discovery interface for the CUAHSI HIS. In this presentation we describe the design and architecture of HydroDesktop Excel, its web services-based data search capabilities, and its extensibility interface that enables developers to create custom data analysis and spatial add-ins using the free DotSpatial GIS mapping components.

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